Create and start a tenancy

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This user guide will show you step by step how to create and start a tenancy in Jupix, starting with the application process.  

This article includes: 

Adding a new application

  1. Click Property on the main homebar
  2. Search for the Property in the Find bar and click Go
    1. Alternatively, find and click the Property from within the Last Viewed section
  3. Click on the Property Management tab
  4. Click New Application from the Applications section
  5. Search for the Applicant in the search box and Select in red the correct applicant 
    1. Repeat for all applicants on for this tenancy application 
    2. If the applicant has not yet been added to the system, please click Add New Detailed and complete all required information. Add Requirements Now can be unticked then Save
  6. Add the Proposed Start Date
  7. Confirm the tenancy Term
  8. Confirm the Offered Rent Amount and rental Frequency
  9. Confirm the Deposit Amount
  10. Notes regarding the application can be added to Applicant Requirements
  11. Confirm whether you would like to keep the property On Market and the Property Availability
  12. Click Save
    1. A green banner will pop up to confirm your application has been saved

Offer pending application

  1. Either Receipt Tenants Monies to receipt any permissible fees, or Receipt Holding Deposit
  2. Jupix will flag the maximum deposit which can be taken based on the rental amount


  3. Complete the description, receipt amount, payment type, date received and received from. Tick whether to print receipt now. A receipt will be generated to your print tray
  4. Click Save when correct

Once the offer has been communicated with the landlord:

  1. Click Landlord Accepted Offer to progress with the application
  2. Confirm whether you would like to keep the property On Market and the Property Availability
    1. You may wish to share PropertyFile with your potential tenants
      For more information on Inviting tenants to PropertyFile, click here
  3. Click Save 


The Add Application Charges button will only show if you have accounting permissions. Click this button to raise charges to the tenancy allowed inline with the Tenant Fees Act 2019 that have been set up by your office Admin

Referencing pending application

Referencing can now be completed via your preferred agency method.  

  1. Click the Referencing Successful button
  2. The Referencing Successful screen will open. Complete the Management Details section
  3. Select the correct Management Type from the dropdown
  4. Add the Management Fee in the box
  5. Select the Management Fee Type from the dropdown
    1. Fixed
    2. Percent
  6. Scroll down to the Tenancy Details section. Select the Lease Type using the dropdown
  7. Edit the tenancy Term if required
  8. Select a different Term Type if required from the dropdown
  9. Confirm the Tenancy Start Date is correct
  10. Check that the Tenancy End Date is correct
  11. Check that the Earliest Termination Date is correct
  12. Check that the Send Tenancy Renewal date is correct
  13. Applicant Requirements box can be edited if required
  14. Add any Permitted Occupiers information 

  15. Scroll down to the Payment Details section. Check the Rent Amount (£) is correct
  16. If required, change the Rent Frequency
  17. Check the Deposit Amount (£) is correct

  18. Scroll down to the Inventory section. If an inventory is required, click the Schedule Move In Inventory tickbox
  19. Select the Proposed Inventory Date using the calendar box

  20. Scroll down to the Advanced Options section. Confirm whether you would like to Keep Property On Market and select the Property Availability

  21. Scroll down to the PropertyFile section. You now have another opportunity to share PropertyFile with the tenants
    For more information on Inviting tenants to PropertyFile, click here
  22. Click Save

Preparing the Tenancy

The following action buttons will appear to prepare the tenancy:  


  1. Click Add Missing Landlord Details
  2. Input the name of the property and all the payment details assigned to the ledger
  3. Click Save
  4. Click Add Deposit Scheme
  5. Check the details and click Save

The action buttons will now change to include Add Landlord First Account and Add Tenant First Account.


Create the Tenant first account

  1. Click Add Tenant First Account
  2. The Tenancy start date will show at the top. Check the Rent 
  3. Confirm the Rent Frequency

The First Rent for Period will be calculated automatically using the above information. If an apportioned first rent is required, amend the First Rent for Period accordingly. This will change the rent amount in the charge column below.  

  1. Confirm future rents by ensuring the Standing Order Start Date is correct
  2. Check all items to be charged to the tenant are showing and the Charge Amount columns and Totals are correct
  3. Click Save

 The Rent Breakdown screen will now appear.  

  1. Select who the rent will be paid by from the dropdown
    • Lead tenant
    • All tenants equally
    • All tenants unequally
  2. Confirm the rent Amount to be paid by each individual tenant
  3. Confirm the rent Payment Method
  4. Select the Bank Account if available
  5. Confirm the Rent Payment Reference - a Ref number will be pre-allocated or click Add to use the property address. Payment reference can also be free typed
  6. Click Save

Create the Landlord first account

  1. Click Add Landlord First Account
  2. The Landlord summary will appear at the top including the associated landlord ledger. Check the Management Fee
  3. Confirm the Management Fee type from the dropdown
  4. Check all items to be charged to the Landlord are showing in the Charge Amount columns and Totals and VAT rates are correct
  5. Click Save

Record the gas safety

  1. Click Record Gas Safety to take you to the Safety Certificate section. Here you can select:
    1. Safety Certificate not required
    2. Safety Certificate is landlords responsibility
    3. New Safety Certificate
  2. If a previous gas safety certificate is showing as Expired, you can click Actions to set it as Renewed with the new expiry date
  3. Once you have recorded the Gas Safety Certificate, you will now be able to click Tenancy Started


Prior to starting the Tenancy, other actions available are Book Move In and Create Tenancy Pack. These can be completed as and when the agent requires and are not compulsory steps

If the Tenancy Started option isn't showing, please ensure all steps above have been completed.  You will also need to ensure Receipt Tenant Monies has been actioned as a Tenancy cannot be started with outstanding monies

Tenancy started

  1. You will now be able to enter
    1. Meter readings for Gas, Electric and Water
    2. Dates the meter readings were taken 
    3. Associated utility Company at time of move in
  2. You will also be able to schedule Property Inspections and the Inspection Frequency.  This will default to your agency standard which will have been set up by your office administrator in Lettings Configuration

You will also have another opportunity to tick the box to share PropertyFile with the tenants.
For more information on Inviting tenants to PropertyFile, click here

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