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Chris Horroll
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When creating or amending a user, you can set or amend their permissions.

Outlined below are what the user permissions are, how they are broken down, and what each user's permission allows them to do when you assign the relevant user permission.


Only your office Jupix administrator with access to Manage Users under the Admin tab within Jupix can edit, assign and amend each individual user's permissions

This article includes: 

Edit, assign and amend a users permissions

  1. Click Admin on the main homebar
  2. In the Admin dropdown menu, click Manage Users
  3. Click Edit alongside the Jupix user you want to amend permissions for
  4. The permissions are broken down into different categories. Click the relevant tickbox to set/amend the permissions assigned to the user

General Permissions

  • Advertising Scheduler enables the user to record adverts in Jupix through the advertising schedule
  • Export Data From Jupix allows the user to export a list of vendors, landlords, sales and letting applicants into a .csv file from Jupix
  • Management Dashboard allows the user to view the number of tasks against any user such as enquiries, appraisals not confirmed, viewings requiring follow up, etc
  • Mobile Diary allows the user to access the diary and contacts information outside of the office on a phone or tablet device
  • Use Legacy Documents should only be activated if the user's system is running on Word 2007 and allows the user to open and save documents back to Jupix using the credential manager
  • Download Personal Information Requests allows the user to download copies of personal information that's held on file, to be given in a format that can be transferred to another software 

Admin Permissions

  • Document Templates allows the user to edit and upload master document templates
  • Brochure Templates allows the user to edit and upload master brochure templates
  • System Configuration allows the user to change settings within Jupix across all departments including adding match areas, creating email and adhoc letter master templates, etc
  • Lettings Configuration allows the user to edit the settings for the lettings department including adding and removing landlord and tenant charges, editing letting fee policies, etc
  • Manage Users allows the user to create new user's, edit other user's details, amend user permissions, and deactivate users
  • Website Content is only for clients who have a website hosted by Jupix and allows the user to access some of their website pages to edit their own website 

Partner Permissions

  • Ravensworth Order Prints allows the user to order prints through Ravensworth from Jupix

Deletion Permissions

  • Notified by email for bulk requests ensures that the user will automatically receive an email notification when a user requests a bulk deletion
  • Individual Delete allows the user to delete individual records
  • Bulk Delete allows the user to do bulk record deletions
  • Manage Deletion requests allows the user to manage deletion requests

For more information on Deletions - configuration settings, click here.

Lettings Permissions

Accounting - Level 1-4 enables accounts features in Jupix for each user.
For more information on Accounting Level permissions, click here

  • View Bank Account Details allows the user to view contacts bank account details
  • Edit Contact Bank Accounts allows the user to add new bank account details and edit existing bank account details on a contact record

Reports Access

This allows the user to access the relevant selected reports they are given access to.

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