Create a new user

Follow the steps below to add an account for a new user record in Jupix


Only users with access to Manage Users under the Admin tab within Jupix can add a new user.  If you do not have the relevant permissions please contact your office Jupix administrator.  If you do have the correct permissions please follow the instructions below.

  1. Select Admin on the main homebar
  2. Click Manage Users in the Admin dropdown
  3. Click the Add New User button (If you get a license limit message click here to amend your licence limit)
  4. Complete all the relevant fields to add the User’s details
  5. Full Name the new user name will be the signature for all documents and emails sent from Jupix
  6. User Initials will appear at the top of the Jupix diary
  7. Jupix Username the username the user will use to log into Jupix
  8. Jupix Password the password the user will use to log into Jupix


the password will be encrypted when typed into the Jupix Password field.

Once this is completed you then need to give the User permissions.

This will allow them to complete and have access to the functions that you select.

Save the changes and your user has been added.

Currently at your user license limit

If when you click the Add New User button you get a currently at your user license limit message then click here and follow the guide to deactivate a user that is no longer needed so that you can then go on to add a new user.  

If you do not want to deactivate any of your current users then please use this Amendments form to request more licences.

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