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Chris Horroll
Chris Horroll
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If you have access to Jupix Admin, you can use the Manage Users functionality to create new Jupix users, edit user details and permissions, and also deactivate users so that they no longer have access to Jupix.   

This article includes: 

Create a new user

For more information on how to Create a new user, click here.

Manage users

  1. Click Admin on the main homebar
  2. In the Admin dropdown menu, click Manage Users

You'll now see a list of all your Jupix users. The list will also show:

  • Which Office the user is assigned to
  • Which Department the user is assigned to
  • Last Active shows how many days since a user was last active on Jupix
  • Status displays whether the user is Active or Inactive

Edit user details and permissions

If you click Edit alongside one of your Jupix users, you can do the following:

  • Change the user's Full Name, User Initials and Jupix Username
  • Change which (Primary) Office the user is assigned to
  • Change which (Primary) Department the user is assigned to
  • Change the user's contact details
  • Reset the user's password
  • Enable and disable user permissions as well as Accounting Level permissions

Deactivate and remove users

  1. Click Admin on the main homebar
  2. In the Admin dropdown menu, click Manage Users
  3. Click Edit alongside the Jupix user you want to deactivate
  4. Scroll down to the Deactivate section and tick the Deactivate 'User' tickbox
  5. A warning message will appear. To proceed, click Save

This process will also hide the user from menus.


Whilst users that have the Manage Users permission ticked can deactivate users, this will not affect any associated contract subscription costs. 

To reduce the number of users that are contained within your contract, please submit the form here, but please note that there may be restrictions as detailed in your Jupix contract