Partially refund a deposit held by a custodial scheme

Alexi Glackin
Alexi Glackin
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Follow the steps below to record on Jupix a partial deposit refund to the tenant from a custodial deposit scheme.  

  1. Select Tenancies from the main homebar
  2. Use the Find bar on the Tenancies dropdown to search the relevant tenancy
  3. Once on the tenancy summary
  4. Click Special Actions button
  5. Click Return Deposit button
  6. In the Deposit amount returned to tenant by scheme (£) box enter the amount that has been returned to the tenant by the deposit scheme
  7. Click Save

This process can be repeated if further partial amounts are to be returned 

To update the deposit amount on the Tenancy Summary

The deposit amount in the Tenancy Details section on the Tenancy Summary does not update automatically.  

  1. Go to the Tenancy Details section of the tenancy summary
  2. Click Edit Details
  3. Change the Deposit Amount to the newly held deposit balance
  4. Click Save

A record of the original deposit amount and deposit amount still held by the custodial deposit scheme can be found by

  1. Go to the relevant Tenancy Summary
  2. Select Deposit from the top tabs
  3. Scroll down to Deposits Held section
  4. Click More Details