How to set up holding deposit amount and tenancy deposit amount warnings

This guide will show you how to set up warning messages that will be displayed to the user when they enter a holding deposit amount that is above the maximum amount allowed and also when users add a tenancy deposit amount  Jupix will show warnings if the deposit amounts exceed legal thresholds.  


You will need access to Admin, to edit your default settings. Your appointed office admin will have
access to these permissions

Activating deposit amount warnings

  1. Select Admin from the main homebar
  2. Click Lettings Configuration on the dropdown
  3. Click the red Edit by Lettings Settings
  4. The Edit Lettings Configuration screen will now open
  5. Scroll down to Deposit Amount Warnings and ensure that this is ticked

The warning messages displayed are as follows

Holding deposit warning

If a holding deposit is entered that exceeds the threshold allowed under the terms of the Tenancy Fee Act 2019 a warning message is presented to the user, the warning message will also show the user the maximum holding deposit allowed based on the rental amount.  


This can be turned off in defaults if it does not apply by unticking Deposit Amount Warnings

Where you cannot charge holding deposits the message that appears to the user will state they cannot require the tenant to pay a holding deposit.  

Tenancy deposit warning

The tenancy deposit warning appears to the user when raising a deposit charge, adding an additional deposit or modifying a tenancy deposit charge that exceeds the legal threshold allowed under the terms of the Tenancy Fee Act 2019

The warning will state the maximum deposit that can be charged based on the rental amount


This can be turned off in defaults if it does not apply by unticking Deposit Amount Warnings

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