Paying quarterly overseas tax

Alexi Glackin
Alexi Glackin
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This guide will take you through how to process the payment of quarterly overseas tax and generate a quarterly tax return report

How to process a quarterly overseas tax payment

Following the steps below to create the Quarterly Tax Return Report

  1. From the lettings homepage
  2. Go to the Accounts dashboard
  3. At the bottom of the Accounts dashboard you will see Pay Overseas Tax
  4. The figure shown is the total number of overseas tax payments needed to be made
  5. Click on Pay Overseas Tax to see a list the overseas tax withheld, broken down by landlord for the outstanding quarters
  6. When you click Save this will add the transaction to the Reconcile Client Account screen

To create the quarterly tax return report

  1. Select Reports from the home tool bar
  2. Click HMRC Reports on the reports dropdown
  3. Click View Quarterly Tax Returns on the HMRC reports dropdown
  4. Select the Quarter you wish to report on
  5. Click Generate


If the Quarter you want to generate the report for is not showing in the list, you will need to go through the process of Paying Overseas Tax for the previous Quarter before the report can be generated


If you have a Quarter where no Overseas Tax has been withheld, you still need to go through the process of Paying Overseas Tax (£0.00) to allow the system to progress to the next Quarter