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This article covers the training structure/offering for agencies that are migrating to Jupix for the first time.

If you're already using Jupix and are looking to receive additional training (instructor led or onsite), click here 

The Accounts training module takes you through the process of moving your lettings accounts over to Jupix from your current lettings accounts system.

This article includes: 

Property Management and Accounts training

Your Property Management and Accounts practice training session will usually occur one to two weeks after your Foundation training. This is in order to provide you with the time required to ensure all your data is added to, and updated in Jupix, in readiness for this training session.  

From 16:00 on the second day of your training, you will begin using the Accounts module in practice mode, utilising Jupix in tandem with your current accounting processes. You'll be replicating any receipts or payments made, in Jupix, to ensure that you're fully accustomed to the processes and accounting cycle of the Jupix software.  

To confirm, you will be required to use Jupix in tandem with your current accounting processes up until the date of your Accounts module go live, which will be scheduled roughly 2-3 weeks after your second training session.  

Accounts module go live plan

At the end of your Property Management and Accounts practice training, your trainer will liaise with the accounts staff members and put together an Accounts module go live plan. This plan will outline the preparation required for you to be able to go live on the Jupix Accounts module.  

This plan will involve the following:

  • Immediately following your training, you'll need to ensure all tenancy information and status' are correct
  • As previously advised, you should continue to use your current accounting processes for your account payments, replicating these transactions in Jupix. These transactions will then be wiped from Jupix ledgers in preparation for your Accounts module go live


  • You can continue to carry out all Property Management, Sales and Lettings processes in Jupix. This information will not be affected, it's only the accounts ledgers that will be removed
  • While you don't have to replicate every single transaction within Jupix, it's essential that you're practicing on the Jupix Accounts module prior to the Accounts module go live date
  • Approximately 3 days prior to the arranged date for your Accounts module go live, you'll need to ensure that you've paid out as much as possible from your client account, reducing the client account to the lowest possible balance
  • Approximately 2 days prior to your Accounts module go live date, we will arrange for a ledger wipe as discussed above, removing all practice accounts from Jupix ledgers. You'll be notified once this process has been completed
  • The day prior to your Accounts module go live, you'll need to enter your Opening Balances, outstanding invoices and rent arrears, into Jupix 

Accounts module go live

Following the Accounts module go live plan put in place with your trainer, you'll either go live on the Accounts module with the assistance of a trainer on site, or with remote training assistance.  

Following the Accounts go live training day, your Jupix client account and your client bank account should balance. You'll also be live on the Jupix system for both front-end marketing and all Property Management and Accounts functions.

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