Downloading the Jupix rolling screen

Alexi Glackin
Alexi Glackin
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With Jupix automated property Rolling Screen, you can create branded property listings personalised with your logo and colours, which also update as the pricing and property status changes. Your 'shop window' screen continues to sell for you outside of office opening hours.

This step by step guide is designed to help you get the Jupix rolling screen function up and running.

This article includes: 

Step 1 - Contact Jupix support

Click Submit a request below and use the contact form to log a ticket with our Support team. Please request that the Jupix Carousel Website Flag is added to Jupix and the Support team will provide you with your ClientID and Passphrase for the application.

Step 2 - Download the Rolling Screen application

Download the latest version of the Rolling Screen application. The .zip file for the application is located at the bottom of this article.  

Step 3 - Select the properties you want to appear on your rolling screen

Once the Jupix Carousel Website Flag has been activated, use the tickbox alongside Jupix Carousel to select the properties that are currently on the market, that you want to appear on your rolling screen.  

Step 4 - Installing the Rolling Screen

Follow the instructions in the following article on how to install the application using the .zip file you have downloaded - Installing the Jupix rolling screen

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