Uploading your completed property inspection and inventory reports

Alexi Glackin
Alexi Glackin
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This guide will show you how to add the inspection and inventory reports to your tenancy record in Jupix so that the report is recorded against the relevant property inspection and tenancy.  


Documents must be converted to .pdf prior to uploading to Jupix

  1. Select Tenancies in the main homebar
  2. Use the Find bar in Tenancies dropdown to search for the relevant tenancy
  3. Once on the tenancy summary click Inspections on the top tabs
  4. Click the red View against the relevant Inventory or inspection
  5. Once on the relative inspection summary select Notes on the top tabs
  6. Click Upload New Document button
  7. The Upload New Document screen will open
  8. To upload the document click the grey Choose File button
  9. Locate the relevant .pdf report and click Open to upload to Jupix
  10. Add the Document Name 
  11. If you are using PropertyFile you can use the tickboxes to share the report with your landlord and tenant
  12. Record Locked if ticked only the Record Owner can delete the report
  13. Private if ticked the report can only be viewed by the Record Owner
  14. Click Save

The report will now be saved in the relevant inventory or inspection Notes section.

You will also find the report saved in the relevant tenancy Notes section.