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Alexi Glackin
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Before we can progress your order to installation, you'll need to log in to My Account and complete the information on the To-Do List. Once complete, this allows us to compile the relevant account information, templates, branding and business details, onto your Jupix system.

Following the completion of your Jupix software order, you will receive an email sent from which contains a link with your allocated username and password, to log in to your personalised My Account program.

We advise that you copy and paste your login details into the relevant areas rather than retyping them, as the system is case sensitive and any errors could prevent you from logging in successfully. You can then tick Remember Me as this will ensure that your login details are retained for future use.

This article includes: 

My Account - Home

  1. Log in to your My Account
    Click here to login to My Account
  2. The Homepage opens. Click the Jupix-XXXXXX tab
  3. Your Order Status page opens, containing your To-Do List


To-Do List

Your To-Do List comprises of a number of sections that you need to complete. The information required within each section is integral to ensuring you have a successful Jupix implementation.  

  1. Click Click Here to the right of each item in the list, to access and make changes
    1. Red triangle with an exclamation mark - Identifies any section that hasn't been completed in full
    2. Green circle with tick - Identifies a section that has been completed and submitted in full, with no further information required
  2. Click Save Changes as you work through each section



It's important that you complete all sections of My Account prior to Jupix training in order to prevent unnecessary delays in being able to get the full use out of Jupix, following training

To-Do List walkthrough guide

For more information on how to complete each item in the To-Do List, click the titles below to direct you to their individual articles.

  Checked / Completed
Account Information  
Direct Debit  
Design Sign Off  
Property Management Accounts Preparation