Direct Debit

Alexi Glackin
Alexi Glackin
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Once you have placed your Jupix order, in order for it to progress to installation, you will need to complete the Direct Debit forms in the To-Do List section of your My Account

We can then begin compiling the relevant account and business details onto your Jupix system.

  1. Log in to My Account 
  2. Click Direct Debit Mandate. This is a link to download the direct debit forms
  3. Print these documents, completing them in full and signing them manually (not a computer generated signature)
  4. Once fully completed, either convert them into a .pdf format, or, scan and save them to your computer 
  5. Click +Upload a file on the corresponding button, to upload the Completed Direct Debit Mandate into your My Account. A photograph of the completed forms is not acceptable