Configuring the Jupix rolling screen application

Alexi Glackin
Alexi Glackin
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With the Jupix automated property rolling screen, you can create branded property listings personalised with your logo and colours. It updates as pricing and property status changes, ensuring your screen will continue to sell for you, outside of office opening hours.

There are a number of items that can be modified in the rolling screen application, please see the details below to find out how to edit the different areas.  

From the main screen, right click on the image and then from the dropdown menu, you can select the following:

  • Load Properties forces the application to check for new properties. The application checks for properties after a certain amount of time
  • Configuration opens the configuration console that enables you to edit the different sections of the application
  • Adjust Layout allows you to change the size of the icons, the bottom bar including the address and logo, or remove these items fully
  1. Use the sliders to adjust the Flag, the Bedrooms and Bathrooms
  2. Use the red line to move the bottom bar up and down
  3. Use the green lines to size the logo and address
  4. To remove the logo and address, move the green line to the side of the window
  5. To save changes, right click and then click Adjust Layout 
  • Change Logo allows you to change the logo. By default, the logo will come across with the Jupix logo. Be aware that the replacement logo needs to be in a .png format to upload
  • Change Icons is used if your agency has bespoke icons for the Bedrooms, Bathrooms and Reception rooms. Be aware that the new icons need to be in a .png format to upload
  1. Click Change Icons
  2. Click the word of the icon that's to be replaced
  3. Click Browse to search for the file on your computer or network. Click Open
  4. Click OK to upload the icon
  • Full Screen closes the application from filling the whole screen. The application will continue to run but in a smaller window, or it will fill the screen if the application is currently in a small window
  • Close shuts the application down. It will need to be relaunched to open it up again

Configuration Console

From the Configuration Window, the users can change a number of the settings:

  • Appearance tab
    • The Footer Background Colour - This is the colour that the bottom bar appears in, where the logo and address are located
    • Footer Text Colour - The colour of the text in the bottom footer 
    • Flash Background Colour - The colour of the flash in the top right corner
    • Display Beds Baths Receptions - Toggle beds/baths/reception rooms on and off and adjust the Size using the slider
    • Display Status Flash - Toggle status flash on and off and adjust the Size using the slider 
    • Footer Font - Use the dropdown menu to select the font in the footer
    • Show Address - Toggle show property address (The address that shows is the Display address that is in Jupix. If there isn't one set in Jupix, it will show the Full address
    • Show Price - Toggle show price
    • Show commas in formatted price - Toggle to show the price formatted
  • Transition tab
    • Transition - Change the transition between the properties using the dropdown menu
    • Transition speed and Image display - Change the speed that the transition takes and how long each property image shows, using the sliders
    • Show Extra Photographs, Show Floorplans, Enlarge Photos/Floorplans - Toggle on and off to show extra photos, floorplans, and enlarged photos (If the property has more than 7 photos, the application will only show the 7 photos and not show floorplans)
    • Internal speed and Internal display time - Set the speed the photos enlarge and how long they remain
    • Randomise display order - Randomise the order properties will show. By default, they will show in order they have been added to the system, oldest to newest
  • Adverts tab
    • Display full screen adverts - Toggle adverts on and off
    • Display advert every * properties - Set the number of properties that an advert will show after 
    • Transition - Set the transition for the advert using the dropdown menu
    • Add and Remove adverts from the Advert folder and the Selected adverts
      • To add an advert to the application, upload a .jpeg image into the Media folder by the RollingScreenV2 application. Once it has been added to the folder, it will show in the above screen. Click the advert to show from the left column, and then click add. To remove the advert, click the advert from the right column and click sub
    • Uniform to Fill and Uniform - Set the advert to fill the screen, or show the whole advert
  • EPC Rating tab
    • Include EPC ratings - Toggle to show the EPC rating on and off
    • EPC Grade, EPC Value and Include Both - Set to show the EPC as a letter, a figure, or both
  • RSS Feed tab
    • Use RSS Feed - Toggle to show the RSS Feed on and off
    • Dock Position - The position of the feed, Top or Bottom
    • Font Family - Font of the feed
    • Primary Colour, Secondary Colour, Background Colour - The colour scheme; two colours for the text and one for the background colour
    • Feed URL - URL for the feed, the system defaults to BBC
    • Font Size - Font size
    • Refresh Period - Refresh news data time
  • Data tab
    • Refresh Data every * minutes - How often the app checks for new properties (The app can check for properties up to once and hour)
    • Working Directory - Where the files are saved
    • Client Id and Passphrase - The credentials to call the data (We do not recommend touching these unless instructed to by the Customer Support team. Changing or removing these can result in the data not being called)
    • Department - The department the data is calling

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