Important changes to your email domain for use with Jupix

Juliet Buxton Dean
Juliet Buxton Dean
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As a Jupix customer we need to make you aware of some extremely important changes which have recently come into effect, in regard to emails.

We have sent an email out to all customers with the specific details you need for your company. Please look out for this email.



You will ultimately need to forward the email onto your own IT Support, Email Domain Administrator, or whoever would have the knowledge and ability to make these essential changes to your email domain

What is happening and why it's required

Email providers have been gradually implementing stricter checks on emails, to try to reduce instances of misuse (phishing, spam, etc). Now, some email providers (notably Gmail and Yahoo) are implementing much stricter requirements in terms of what level of ‘authentication’ they will require from emails received. These new requirements will affect all emails, not just those sent from Jupix.

Email providers want to be certain there is 'DKIM' authentication set up, and they want to know that the organisation sending the email has a policy in place for how non-authenticated emails should be dealt with (this is called a 'DMARC' policy).

It is believed that emails which do not meet these new requirements will be rejected entirely, not just sent to a junk/spam folder, therefore it is important not to delay in dealing with this issue.

Action you need to take

  1. Emails sent through Jupix - In order for Jupix emails to continue being received, you will need to ask your own IT support to add some records to the 'DNS' of your email domain.

    Whilst we are able to advise the required records in your individual email, we are not able to add them for you. These are time-sensitive, so please arrange for them to be added ASAP.

    If you are using more than one email domain on your Jupix account, you will receive an email for each one, with unique records to be added for each email domain.

    Once the instructions in your email have been added, please let us know by sending an email to so we can verify this within our email sending system (SendGrid).

  2. Emails sent directly through your own email account - In addition to the specifics for Jupix detailed on your email, Jupix also uses your own email account to send certain other emails. These emails would typically be:
  • Emails composed after clicking on an email address 'hyperlink' on a contact record within Jupix;
  • Emails composed after clicking on the 'Send Email' button of the 'Notes' tab on a Jupix record;
  • Works Order Emails

    As these types of emails are sent through your own email account, it's important that your own email account has 'DKIM' authentication set up (you would need to do this anyway, for any other emails you wish to send through your email account). This is unfortunately not something Jupix Support can assist with, and would need to be something your own IT Support implement for you.

    We would strongly advise doing this at the same time as the authentication for Jupix emails. In particular, please be aware that if you implement a strict 'DMARC' policy without your own email account being set up to use 'DKIM' authentication, it may restrict emails sent from your own email account from being received.

If further assistance is required, a support ticket can be raised with Jupix Support. You can either click Submit a request below and complete the contact form, or, email

We would, however, ask that you forward the email we have sent to you on to your own IT support team in the first instance. Our support team can only assist with verifying the records provided for Jupix once these have been added. We are not able to add any records for you, nor to advise on the records required for authenticating emails sent directly from your own email account.