What is The Letting Centre?

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What is The Letting Centre

The Letting Centre is a legal publishing business specialising in Landlord and Tenant Law. They produce a complete set of legally compliant letters, notices and agreements for landlords and agents in England, which can be integrated into your software, perfect for any lettings and property management business.

The Letting Centre documents are legally checked and the agreements have undergone quality assurance checks using a London-based legal practice with extensive housing law expertise.

The legal agreements and documents come with a compliance guarantee and are supported by comprehensive guidance notes and a compliance helpline. The helpline is available to customers should the wording or clauses in The Letting Centre agreements ever be questioned or disputed by a Landlord's lender, tenant or professional legal advisor. If you should find yourself in court and the question of legality or relevance of The Letting Centre documents should arise, The Letting Centre will support you.

What documents are included with The Letting Centre


Subscribing to The Letting Centre means you’ll have all the documents you need integrated seamlessly into Jupix

For a full list of what The Letting Centre documents pack includes, as well as FAQ's, please see The Letting Centre Forms and Agreements 2023.

Activating The Letting Centre

If you'd like to purchase a monthly subscription for The Letting Centre Forms and Agreements, please complete the form here.

For more information on The Letting Centre in general, you can visit their website: www.letlink.co.uk.

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